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IntegerHealth‒A Revolutionary Healthcare Technology Company

IntegerHealth is a healthcare analytics and warehousing company that quantifies healthcare outcomes for insurers and employers‒something that no one else does.

We put a $ & ¢ value on each outcome, generating actionable analytics that drive down healthcare costs while improving the quality of care for health plans, wellness programs and workers' compensation.

Your Problem

You know to the penny what you're paying for healthcare, the claims that you pay to doctors and hospitals.

But you don't know what you’re getting in return for those claims dollars.

IntegerHealth Difference

Today you measure the return for your healthcare dollars in terms of “quality,” but that’s a qualitative measure, not a quantitative one, that focuses on process compliance‒what a doctor did, or didn’t do‒or whether the patient “liked” the provider.

The input into the healthcare equation are the claims dollars that you pay. What you need is a way to quantify the output in dollars too so that you can compare the two and calculate your return; and you need to measure what really matters‒the outcome to the patient. Did the patient get better? And if so, how much did it cost and how long did it take?

That's what IntegerHealth does.


IntegerHealth quantifies healthcare outcomes, combining cost and quality into a single $ value across providers, diagnoses, plans, programs and treatment patterns. Now the input into the healthcare equation‒the claims dollars‒can be compared to the output‒the patient’s outcome. By measuring outcomes, we calculate ROIs and generate actionable analytics‒Driving down healthcare costs while improving the quality of care.

We have two ways of quantifying outcomes depending on the data available to us:

When You Can Quantify the Outcome…

When you can quantify the outcome, you can do things that you could never do before to drive down your healthcare costs while improving the quality of care. See the case study on the “Resources” page on how our analytics drove down the City of Fort Worth's costs 23%!

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