Better Care at Lower Costs

Cutting edge healthcare analytics to give your employees high value healthcare and your company a healthier bottom line!

IntegerHealth‒A Revolutionary Healthcare Technology Company

At IntegerHealth we apply advanced analytics to quantify healthcare outcomes for employers and insurance companies, and then rank their providers based on the outcomes that they achieve‒Driving down costs, while improving care.

No one does what we do. Others merely measure compliance with process measures like HEDIS, or score patient satisfaction via CAHPS, in the hopes that these “inputs” will be a proxy for a good outcome. Still others employ outcome measures narrowly tailored to specific diagnoses that use clinical and other qualitative data. We alone quantify outcomes across all diagnostic conditions.

We have two ways of doing so. The first combines medical and pharmacy claims with HR (human resource) or absence records‒where the outcomes of the claims live. This solution works for employers that self-insure their health plans or workers’ compensation programs, as well as workers’ compensation insurance companies and TPAs (third-party administrators).

The second, which we call “Clinical Efficiency,” uses just the claims and works for health insurance companies, MA Plans (Medicare Advantage), and multi-employer health plans.

Healthcare is not a commodity. Some doctors provide higher quality care than others, and although it seems counter-intuitive, going to a good doctor costs less overall than going to a bad one. 30% of healthcare costs are unnecessary, the result of poor or ineffective care and good doctors don’t incur those excess costs. So by ranking providers based on the outcomes that they achieve‒and then sending patients to the best ones for what they need‒costs will actually go down, while patients get better care.

Our Result = Better Care at Lower Costs

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