IntegerHealth is a healthcare technology company. We apply advanced data analytics to healthcare plans and workers’ compensation programs‒Driving down the costs for self-insured employers, while improving the care that their employees receive.

There are two ways to make progress. Do what you have always done‒just do more of it, better and faster than before‒or reimagine the problem and design a solution unlike any other. The “more, better, faster” approach yields small incremental gains. That is not what we do.

At IntegerHealth we drive fundamental change by identifying the high and low value doctors and other providers in the employer’s network. Once we do that, the solution defines itself‒steer the employees and their dependents to the high value doctors, and away from the low value ones, because 30% of all healthcare costs are due to poor or ineffective care, and high value doctors squeeze out those excess costs.

Employers who self-insure are in a unique position because they own the medical and pharmacy claims that they pay. Employers that buy traditional insurance don’t own that data.

So self-insured employers working with us begin by sending us their claims data, and then they do something very special. They send us their HR records too because inside those human resource files live the outcomes of the claims.

What we’re doing is so extraordinary that we have patents pending on it.

There are companies out there that do transparency pricing. This doctor charges $100 per visit, this other doctor $200‒without considering that the first doctor may take three visits to get you better. And some companies go a step further and stitch together the related claims in an episode of care.

But they’re only dealing with the claims‒half the equation. We’re the only ones who see everything: the claims, the productivity costs of the employee being off work, and the outcome.

So what do we do with this information? We use the data from the employees to rank the doctors and other providers in the employer’s network by diagnosis. We call it the QScore. And then we get the employees and their dependents to those top ranked doctors!

It’s as simple as an employee going on our website and entering their illness or injury, whether it’s a bad back or migraine headaches, and then we list the best providers in the employer’s network for that problem‒and if you have a heart condition or a sick child, who wouldn’t want to go to the top ranked doctor?

If the employee prefers, they can call our 800# or chat online with one of our healthcare counselors. We’re happy to get the employees and their dependents to high value healthcare by whatever means they prefer.

By sending employees to the top doctors, the employer pays less, the employees and their dependents get better care, and the employees get back to work faster.

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