Cutting edge healthcare analytics to give your employees high value healthcare and your company a healthier bottom line!

IntegerHealth‒A Revolutionary Healthcare Technology Company

At IntegerHealth we hold the key to decreasing employer healthcare costs while improving the care that employees receive.

There are two ways to make progress. Do what you have always done‒just do more of it, better and faster than before‒or reimagine the problem and design a solution unlike any other. The “more, better, faster” approach yields small incremental gains. That is not what we do.

At IntegerHealth we have designed an analytics platform that holistically analyzes the entire healthcare value equation: the claims, the productivity costs of the employees being off work, and the outcomes of the care. The end result is lower costs for the employer and better healthcare for the employees.

We drive fundamental change by identifying the highest value doctors, hospitals, and other providers in the employer’s network over the entire continuum of care. Once we identify them, the solution defines itself‒steer the employees and their dependents to the high value providers because they get their patients better faster, and at the lowest overall costs.

High Value Healthcare Means:

Lowest overall cost, with

The most favorable outcome possible, in

The shortest time.

We work with self-insured employers because they own the claims that they pay. Our analytics platform considers not only these claims costs, but also the cost of having employees absent from work, which can be even more. We alone can measure these productivity costs because our algorithms juxtapose the claims data with the HR records where the outcomes of the claims live, identifying the doctors and hospitals that get the employees back to work quickly at the lowest overall cost.

We work directly with employers and multi-employer plans, as well as through brokers. We also supplement and work with existing TPA and PBM arrangements, not against them.

IntegerHealth’s Mission:
To Move Employees to High Value Healthcare

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